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Luxury cabinets. Environmentally-friendly.

Our vast product collection features 31 cabinet textures and finishes, enhanced with clean lines of durable and top-of-the-line hardware. Inspired by and of nature, our systems are made from 100% post-consumer material, making your project environmentally-friendly and LEED qualified.

Our decorative, high definition woodgrain panels are available in a classic 5-piece Shaker (with slab or drawer front) and a contemporary slab-door style. Choose from vertical or horizontal grains.

Badger Woodworks cabinets are European-style, featuring frameless construction for a refined modern feel. This style also allows for full interior access with up to 15% more space in drawers and cabinets.

High Pressure Laminates

High Pressure Laminates (HPL) are considered one of the most durable decorative surface materials. Our performance properties including chemical, fire and bacteria resistance, and the ability to be post-formed around curved edges by application of heat and restraint.


Thermal Structured Veneers

An irreversible thermal hardening treatment and a special processing allow for remarkable three-dimensional effects of our veneers. This process increases durability by making it water resistant while maintaining incredibly appealing aesthetic.

Conserving nature with 100% recycled wood.

Every year, about 6 million tons of wood ends up in landfills or burned. By using post-consumer products, we contribute to the preservation of forests. Re-use of wood reduces the carbon footprint, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Minimizing environmental impact is a crucial factor of sustainable development.

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